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04 January 2006. Alternator........

I'd like to think that my new year resolution would be to finish off my CQ ASAP, but thins may not turn out that way for a while yet. The lack of cylinder head is still an impasse. In the meantime, however, I'm going to push on and complete as muh work in the engine back as possible, and then possibly bring forward some other work....

I changed the coil for the correct earlier item, the only difference being that this coil has two studs with the same diameter for the male spade terminals, wheras the later one has a larger tag on one side. No doubt for idiot proofing..... I had to replace two of the female spade terminals on terminal 1 of the coil (in red).

I also had to change the spade terminal on the end of this wire. This drives the alternator light on the dash.

As you can see from this photo, and the previous one, I now have the alternator fitted. The original turned out to be a 60Amp alternator, which is way too low (should be 90A). So I replaced that with the correct one, 90A, but that turned out to have bad bearings (or a squeaky mouse had taken up residence). Third time lucky I hope. The alternator is very easy to fit, there is a top pivot bolt, which takes the weight of the alternator. Tensioning of the alternator drive belt is done using the black adjustable strap shown below.

And here is a shot from under the alternator. I still have to connect up the +ve lead and the alternator light wire to the back of the alternator. And then fit the protective cover. I've left all the securing bolts loose at the moment, there is no point in tighteneing these until after I change the cambelt....

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