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Audi information, data, technical articles, guides, brochures, etc.

Audi Quattro brochures
Audi Coupe Quattro / Coupe GT brochures
Audi pricelists
Other Audi brochures
Audi pricelists
Magazine articles
Workshop Manuals, etc.

Tech tips, guides, etc.

Converting a Coupe GT/4000/80/90 to quattro, and why it's a stupid idea

Type 85 Coupe quattro technical articles

Type 85 Coupe quattro buyers guide

Type 85 usefull part numbers etc.

Article on a Modified Type 85 Coupe GT (Warning 7Mb!)

GT/CQ/UR Main lighting re-wiring

How to replace the headlights on a CQ/UR/GT

Various Fuba Stuff, plus a re-assembly guide for the power antenna

Installation of Koni dampers

Michael Brown'd maintenance tips

Chris Longhurts's Type 85 bible

UR Quattro part catalogue on-line

Pictures of a 100S Coupe modified to quattro!

Audi Coupe quattro Type 85 "V-Pages"

Project Coupe quattro, Michael Brown

Schrick Camshaft Catalog 2005, pdf format, some usefull data here

Pack "C" head C&R Enterprises (Notts) head from a KV engine

Removal of the Analogue Instrument unit and replacement with an Orange Digital Dash, 1985 KV engined Coupe Quattro

Cutaway Drawing of the 20V engine

Instruction leaflet for the Audi Rothenburg 1983

Audi Type 85 Injector cleaning

Some info on KYB shock replacement

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Workshop Manuals, and Technical data

Type 81 and 85 wiring diagrams, 1984-88, does not include UR quattro

Technical data and Tightening Torques, Audi Quattro 1980 onwards (Feb 1987 edition)

Technical data and Tightening Torques, Audi Coupe 1981 onwards (Feb 1987 edition)

Coupe GT Digital Dash documentation

1987 Audi 4000CS Quattro, Audi 4000S and Coupe GT Frame Dimensions (info sourced from USA)

TFA for Type 85 Audi Coupe Quattro 1985-88

VAG Hydraulic Tappets, and how they work

Manual for the Blaupunkt CDP-05 CD Head unit for mid-80's Audi's

Pierburg Fuel Injection for the Audi Quattro Group 4

1975 Audi 80 PDI and Maintenance Manual

1977 Audi 100 PDI and Maintenance Manual

Autodata Audi Quattro body measurements

Audi 100 Specification (1983?)

Audi 80 quattro Specification (1983?)

Audi 80 Specification (1983?)

Audi Avant Specification (1983?)

Blaupunkt Cambridge Instructions and installation details

1977 Audi Power Steering workshop manual

Blaupunkt Toronto SQR45 instructions

Blaupunkt Toronto SQR46 instructions

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Audi Quattro brochures

1980 Audi Quattro and Coupe brochure

1983 Audi Quattro Brochure

Audi Quattro Specification (1983?)

Early 1984 Audi Quattro Brochure

1984 Audi Quattro Brochure

1985 Audi Quattro brochure

1985 Audi Quattro Programme

1986 Audi Quattro brochure

1987 Audi Quattro Brochure

Audi MB Quattro press Release 1987

1988 Audi Quattro Brochure (Jan)

1988 Audi Quattro Brochure (Aug)

1989 Audi RR Quattro Brochure

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Audi Coupe Quattro / Coupe GT brochures

April 1981 Audi Coupe brochure

1981 Audi Coupe Leaflet

1982 Audi Coupe Brochure

1982 Audi Coupe The Facts Booklet

1983 Audi Coupe Brochure

Audi Coupe Specification (1983?)

1984 Audi Coupe Brochure

1984 Audi Coupe quattro brochure

Press Pack for 1985 Audi Coupe / GT / quattro, Sept. 1984

February 1985 Audi Coupe and Coupe quattro Press Release

1985 Audi Coupe brochure

1985 Audi Coupe Specification

1986 Audi Coupe brochure

1986 Audi Coupe Specification

1986 Audi Coupe handbook

1987 Audi Coupe Brochure

1987 Audi Coupe Specification

1987 Audi Coupe GT Owners Manual (US Version)

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Other Audi brochures

1979 Audi Accessory Brochure

March 1981 Audi range brochure

1981 Porsche and Audi range brochure, USA

VAG range Brochure October 1981

1981 VAG Service Brochure

Audi range brochure Sept 1981

Audi Product Information 1982

1983 Audi Model Range Brochure

1983 Audi quattro clothing brochure

1983 Audi range brochure

Audi Product Information 1983

1984 Audi range brochure

Press Pack for 1985 Audi 90 / 90 quattro, Sept. 1984

1985 Audi paint and upholstery

1985 Audi Quattro Programme

1985 VAG Parts Brochure

1986 Audi Sports Accessories

1986 Audi Range

1986 Audi accessories

1987 October 20th Audi Press Release

1987 October 21th Audi Press Release

Audi Model List 1988

1988 (July) Audi Accessories Brohure

1990 Audi accessories brochure

1990 Audi Model Range

1991 Audi Accessory Brochure

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Audi pricelists

1980 (Jan) Audi UK Price List

1982 (Feb) Audi UK Price List

October 1982 Audi price list

1983 Audi Model Range Price List

1983 VAG accessory price list

1984 Audi Model Range Price List (early)

1984 Audi price list

1985 Audi price list

1986 Audi price list (September 1985)

1986 Audi price list (February 1986)

1987 Audi Price List (August)

1988 (August) Audi Accessories pricelist

1990 Audi pricelist (January)

1990 Audi pricelist (August)

October 1991 Audi accessories price list

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Magazine articles

Car Magazine October 1979

Autocar Article 8 March 1980

Thoroughbred and Classic cars Dec 1980, Audi Coupe

Autosport Magaizine August 27 1981

Autocar article on 4 new quattros including the CQ, 22 Sept 1984

Quattro Rallying Autosport Magazine January 24 1985

UR, CQ and 90Q articles from Fast Lane, August 1985

1986 Coupe quattro review by Autocar 1 January 1986

"Buying Secondhand" Autocar 17 February 1988

VW Magazine October 2001

VW Magazine April 2002

VW Magazine September 2002

Audi quattro Review April 30 2005

PPC Magazine February 1990

Ten Years of the Quattro

The Quattro Principle February 1990

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Changing CV boots on the Audi A4 / A6

Changing Front Upper Control arms on the Audi B5/C5 chassis

Changing Front Lower Control arms on the Audi B5/C5 chassis

1987 October 24th Audi Sport Rallying programme cover

Photos of an A2 engine in pieces

From Classics Monthly, OCtober 2006

From Performance VW, December 2000

Quattro Stamps!

Thomson Taylor Brochure

Some nice USA articles and photos

From VW Audi Magazine November 1987

From VW Audi Magazine November 1994

From VW Motoring September 1985

1999 Audi Goodwood press releases

Treser Brochure

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