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MORE Cylinder head refurb (continues) 05-12 Feb 2006

The head after it got painted

The front crankshaft pulley with a coat of black paint 

After the rocker cover was lifted off...

This is where the crankshaft pulley fits

The old crankshaft oil seal

All the crud cleaned off 

Masked off

Quick coat of etch primer

Followed by more black

Came up nicely

After it dried.....

New water pump.

This is the pump wet side 

The location for the pump. Spot the three bolt holes for the securing bolts. I cleaned off the excess paint from the sealing o-ring face.

Three bolts with washers and spring washers, and it's on....

I threw on a quick coat of heatproof paint onto the stainless downpipe that I aquired second hand.

Looks pretty good

Especially with the paint on all of it

This is a job that would be a nightmare to do if the head was on. Replacement of the grommet in the firewall where the heater pipes fit through. First of all I lubricated the rubber pipes and grommet, and detached the grommet from the firewall, and pulled it towards me. Eventually it came free....

Out with the old, and in with the new.....

The 2 hoses still in situ.

Now, the lower heater hose is larger at the engine end than at the firewall end. So you can't get the grommet back over the heater hose. So you have to disconect the heater hose from the heater matrix by undoing the jubilee clip holding it on. Access is from behind the pedals with a long screwdriver. Not easy, and quite uncomfortable.......

You can clearly see the clip here. 

This is the lower hose once off....

Give it a good squeezing, and get all the rusty crap out of it......

Next you pre-fit the grommet to the hose. Use a mild soapy solution here as a lubricant.....

Push the hose and grommet into position. Slide the top hose into place through the top hole in the grommet. Before pushing the grommet firmly home, make sure that the bottom hose is in place on the heater matrix, and secure it with the jubilee clip that you previously removed...

Then waggle the grommet into place on the firewall, and conect up the heater hoses to the engine

The new cambelt idler roller

And it's other side

This is a light interferance fit into the recess on the oil pump. When I painted this area, I made sure that I masked off the bore of this hole. The securing bolt for the roller is much skinnier than the size of the bore through the roller. Don't force the roller into place using the bolt..... guide it in nice and square.. and then secure with the bolt.... 

A few more pieces bolted onto the head

I put the head onto the block loosely just to make me feel a little bit happier with the progress.... Can't wait to get this finished.....

The next task (this weekend) is to fit the studs to the new exhaust manifold.

More soon.....

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