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More engine bay work. 10 August 2005

I haven't posted a page up for a couple of weeks, as the work that I have been doing has mainly been cleaning, de-rusting, and re-painting items from the engine bay. And believe me, there are a lot of them! You'll see the results of all that in later pages, as I start to re-assemble the engine and engine bay.

The first few photos are from the VAGE show at Fermoy, 7 August 2005. Plenty of nice cars there, these were the most memorable for me....
The block starts to get a little bit of work. It's been degreased and cleaned and you can see that the passenger side engine mount bracket has been removed. Also the breather on the side of the engine block. It just levers off (carefully) with a wide bladed wood chisel. I've masked off the inside of the engine to avoid getting overspray inside the block. Except for the breather area as thats going to be re-fitted, therefore doesn't need masking...... And I forgot to mask off the engine number, but some wet and dry will resolve that later.... 
I thought that there would be a whole load of cack in here, but suprisingly there was not.
This is where the engine bracket got to. Painted in primer after cleaning and a vigourous wire brushing....
Duct tape to stop squirrels nesting in the bores.
The passenger side engine mount.
The breather for the side of the block. Cleaned up nicely.....
Tapped into place (carefully) using a wide punch on the block flange. It didn't require a huge amount of force..... 

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