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Even more no progress, but the trollies get some work. 10 Dec 2005

Pair of power wing mirrors, arrived friday. These might be for the WR or the CQ, haven't decided yet....
Nice second hand rear track control arm, plus the two small accumulator fuel pipes. Bought from Canada. 
Nice set of quad headlights from a 4000q in Idaho(?). Very pleased with these, they are going onto the WR
The lights are aftermarket sealed beam units by "Sylvania"
This is all in the way
Or rather, it was......
Squeaks the cat comes to have a look
He's just seeing if my tax is up to date (and screw you, Gordon Brown...)
From the shelves of the Disk Drive Storage trollies
Modded to remove the drive slots and a shelf
Handy, and mobile, storage.
These trollies are on castors, so easy to move.... Make a nice storage / open tool box / workbench...... 
Much more room in the garage now, plus a load of stuff off the floor....
Coupe quattro grasstrack car

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