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10 February 2005 : Rear Subframe gets a bit more attention

These were the hose clips that held on the rear fuel lines to the spigots at the bottom of the tank. They virtually came off by hand, heavily corroded. To be replaced by stainless.
10 February 2005 10 February 2005 10 February 2005
I had to pressure wash the underside car in the shed, as I forgot to do this before starting this.. D'oh. Next step is to clean off all the old surface rust and flaky paint, and touch up with red oxide primer. Then apply stonechip, and repaint with brush-on white paint. Heatshields need to also be removed and repaired, if possible, and then the fuel and brake lines replaced.
Then we're ready to put the subframe back on
10 February 2005 10 February 2005 10 February 2005
The rear valance/boot floor seam, little bit of work to do here later....
10 February 2005

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