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Inlet Manifold Removed..... 15 July 2005

Stripdown of the inlet manifold area. The car has an exhaust manifold stud missing on cylinder one, which has led to a slight warping of the manifold and therefore has started to blow. So I'm going to remove the fuel injection system and inlet manifold to see if the broken stud can be removed, or maybe the cylinder head has to removed. First job is to remove the rubber "octopus"
Then disconnect the throttle cable
Remove the tube that goes down to the warm up regulator, and the vacuum to the brake servo
Remove the three electrical connections from the ISV, cold start injector and the trottle microswitch
Disconnect various bits of breather hose piping
Disconnect more bits of breather hose piping
Remove the long "bracket" than holds in the injectors
Injector puller tool. Schley Products USA #83400
Injector removed with tool in situ
Fit the tool to the injector and lever with a large screwdriver. Waggling the injector also helps.
All injectors removed. All the seals were perished.
Warm up regulator removed from the side of the block...
I don't what this does, but I removed it anyway
At the bottom of the air filter box is a single bolt that holds it onto the bodywork. That needs to be removed, and the flexible hose that goes to the "snorkel" in the inner wing removed. Then the entire air filter box and fuel injection system just lift out (you have to disconnect the flexible pipes from the main body fuel lines.
Bottom of the Air Filter box
Remainder of the "snorkel" hose
The throttle butterflies. These need a bit of a cleanup.
And the other side is even worse.
The Inlet Manifold now removed. Held on by 10(?) allen bolts, three of which gave me problems removing, one being very difficult......
The front of the exhaust manifold....
And the other end.
You can just see the problem with the stud in the top right hand corner of the mirror
The inlet manifold gasket.....

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