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Cylinder Head stripdown : 16 July 2005

The head has to be removed from the CQ for various reasons, this page details some of the engine bay stripdown that needs to be done for this. First job is to remove the three screws that hold in the header tank, plus disconect the top pipe from the rad

Once it's free, remove the level sensor connector and the main pipe.

And now it's free to remove

Remove the screws holding on the top radiator airduct piece, and lift it away

Slacken off the jubilee clips and remove the top and bottom hose from the rad

And drain off the water (mud) into a container

Disconnect the fan connector

Remove the radiator steady bar and what's left of the airduct. There is a bottom one too, but not on my car.....

The old airduct

The new.....

And a comparison.

Not a great photo, but the rubber mount for the radiator steady bar broke...

Disonnect the header tank hose and the sensor wires from the bottom of the rad

And lift the rad out.

Radiator with shroud and fan

Shroud removed

The rad seems ok, a bit dirty and discoloured but otherwise ok. A cleanup and paint and it's be more than useable

Shroud with fan. I have a refurbished shroud to go on later.

The long steel breather pipe. Already disconnected at the top, so just the bottom jubilee clip to remove


Ignition wire assembley removal. Remove the two nuts that hold the lead channel onto the rocker over, undo the clips that hold on the dizzie cap, and remove the leads from the plugs. Pull on the boots on the plugs, not the leads....

And lift off as an assembly

Starting to look bare now....

Steel heater pipe needs to be removed. Held on at the gearbox by one of the gearbox to engine bolts

Next it's the turn of the power steering pump.

Slacken off fully the belt tensioner adjuster

Remove the adjuster and the belt shroud

Remove the pivot bolt and belt and lift the pump away.

Carefully remove the bolt that holds on the pump tensioner bar. This is fitted into the block, so make sure than you on't shear it off....

Remove the two 6mm allen key fastners and remove the belt cover.

Grimace at the state of it, and remove and carefullt store the 2 loose spacers before you lose them

Remove the single 6mm allen screw, and remove the support for the power steering hoses.

Disonnect the header tank hose and the sensor wires from the bottom of the rad

Remove the connectors from the 2 block sensors. And remember how to refit them...

Remove water temp sensor

And the other one

Remove the remaining nuts from the rocker cover, lift away the reinforcing plate, lift off the rocker cover and gasket, and retain for later refit

Some muppet broke and bodged the third camshaft hold-down cap. This might mean a replacement head.

Remove the nut and clamp from the base of the dizzie, and lift the dizzie out.

Leave it on top of the head for a little while to let the oil drain out.Remove the vacuum pipes, connector and heater hoses from the rear of the engine

And thats me done for today. I also removed the nuts that secure the exhaust downpipe to the manifold, not a fun job. As it's Saturday afternoon, sunny, and I don't have a spline bit set, I think that I'll leave removing the head until next week....

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