16 May 2007 : Update!



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16 May 2007 : Update......

I know that there a lot of people out there who drop into this site to see how "Helga" is coming along...... So I thought that you were all owed an update.

You'll be aware that I haven't posted in this section for a long while. replica watches sale This is mainly because there has been no update to Helga in that time. Unfortunately, I've been bogged down in work, and the building work on the house. rado replica uk So there has been no time to work on Helga. 

In the meantime, I've bought another CQ, a 1988 car, to keep my quattro fixation alive. fake omega Whilst this car needs some work, it doesn't need the major restoration work that Helga got. 

We've also been given planning permission for a 2 storey 23' x 25' garage at the bottom of the garden. rolex replica sale This is my next major project, hopefully starting in June/July. replica watches Once this is complete, Helga and the new CQ will be living in it. 

After that is then the demolition of the existing quattrobunker, and the building of the house extension.

At that point I have to decide if Helga becomes "HelgUr".................

So please keep checking out the site, I will (I promise) keep adding Audi and type 85 stuff to it...... 



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