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Ready to start 18 Mar 2006

The new (and old) de-cat pipe.

Almost identical, the main difference being lack of rust.  

The new nuts that hold the downpipe onto the manifold. Spot the thread inserts.... 

And the new gasket.

De-cat pipe assembled onto the downpipe.

Downpipe located to the car from underneath.

The gasket stuck into place with a smear of exhaust sealing paste. It's not the easiest part of the car to get at. Remember those gynacology lessons that you took? Now they're going to come in usefull..... 

You can get at four of the nuts from under the car with a ratchet, extension bars, swivel joints and 15mm socket. The fifth requires that you go in through here with a ratchet....

Fitting the injectors. Apply WD40 to the rubber seal, and push them firmly home.

And the bracket bolts onto the cam cover to hold them all in place. 

Now we get to plug all the hoses and wires in..... 

And there are lots of them.

The "octopus hose" dropped into position. 

Spacers fitted to cambelt cover studs.

Lower cambelt cover fitted.

The main cambelt cover fitted and secured with the special nuts.

New Clutch fluid resvoir fitted.

Power steering pump belt tensioners fitted.

To get this tightened up, I had to resort to "bodgery"...


Lambda probe hole temporarily sealed with an old wheel stud and a nut.

I do like that de-cat pipe.......

I seem to be finished.

Looks good.........

Even I'm impressed.

There actually still is some work to do in here, note the missing rad ducting, plus some wiring..... 

But it does look good....

Really good.

The car gets to move for the first time since last summer. 

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