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Bonnet Release cable fitment : 20 Jan 2006

One of the clips that helps hold on the top radiator duct piece. As it secures to the body using clips that scratch the paint, I covered the wounded areas with spray on cavity wax..

The old bonnet release cable on the passenger side. Start by removing the 2 screws. Then pull the old cable down through the grommet. There are 2 clips to release the cable from on the passenger side inner wing.


This shows the new cable being pushed up through the grommet from inside the car. My grommet will need replacing, but not yet....


You also need a "golf tee". These used to be white plastic, now they appear to be aluminium. Just slides on the end of the cable outer.


A little bit of copper grease where it locates into the bonnet pin holding springs.


You just feed it through the loop in the passneger side bonnet pin holding spring.


Here you can see the first of the three cable guides (white plastic clip) 


This is the "nippel", even I don't need to speak German to know what they mean (hehehehehe). This holds the whole assembly together. 


I found this "orphan" wire hanging out of the fuse box. 


I cut off the end, and pulled it through out of harms way.


Then I doubled it over and sealed it with some heatshrink. Then tucked it away out of site.


The fusebox cover. I have a new one on the way (if it ever gets here.....)


Nice clean pistons. Stamped 80.985 which is standard I think. Just have to clean the head mating face and then cover it all up until the head arrives back.

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