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Bulkhead De-bodging : 22 Jan 2006

I often wondered what was under this black stuff, which is a piece of self adhesive sound deadening. I strongly suspected that sound, solid metal was the last thing to expect.....

And as the clutch master cylinder resevoir was due to be replaced, it seemed an ideal time to investigate.... You can see that it's tied on with a bit of wire, and has been previously sealed with some filler. They suffer from UV light degredation, and need to be protected from the light to prevent the plastic from going brittle and yellow.


So I chipped it away with a cold chisel. I guess that there has been problems with the clutch master cylinder at some time in the past, leading to this piece of inspired bodgery. 


I think that they "chain-drilled" it and then cut it out with a cold chisel.


It's a hole that must be filled. I don't have a welder at the moment, nor do I really want to throw a welder patch on. Now the hole is cut, it may come in usefull at a later date. The solution? I have the front end of a GT out the back of the garage. 10 mins work with an angle grinder, and I liberated the matching piece of bulkhead.


A bit more work with the same grinder and a file, and a nice repair panel gets  made. This will be held down with two self tappers, and sealed using a suitable sealant.


The underside of the repair panel.


I cleaned up the edges of the hole and sealed them with primer.


The repair panel looks nice in a coat of spray primer.


I was doing some work the other day on the front headlight wiring harness / loom upgrade. This is the bracket that I made to carry the relays and the fuses. 


Made from a bit of galvanised sheet cut from an old Midi tower caselid. 


A quick two coats of primer, and it'll be ready to be finish painted tommorow.


Out with the old..... There is a fair difference between the new and the old. The new one has a mounting lug for one thing...... Once it's fitted, I'll be covering it with a quick release cover of some kind to prevent it getting irridiated by the sun....


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