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24 March 2005 : Bit of pressure washing makes a difference...

Since I last posted a page, the car has been restarted and turned around. Re-starting was ok, once I
had found the disconnected +12V feed for the pump, and I had cured all the minor fuel weeps.....
The main problem of not being started for 9 months was the water pump had sprung a fairly good leak.
Apart from that, everything OK. She started up, and turned around in the back yard quite nicely.....

So back to it. Next stuff to happen is the replacement of the front suspension, I don't have a spare
front subframe, so the one on the car will have to be refurbished after it's removed. First task is
to get some of the grime off the underneath before it falls down into my eyes......... 

Before.... and after (pressure washing that is.....)
24 march 2005 24 march 2005 24 march 2005
Nice clean bonnet underside, plus a curious cat...... again.....
24 march 2005 24 march 2005

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