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Every so often, someone on one of the manu Audi forums will suggest that they can take a set of quattro running gear, and bolt it into a non-quattro bodyshell. chanel replica sale This seems to focus mainly around the Coupe GT. rolex replica sale I've written this page in attempt to persuade people of the folly of doing so.

Audi manufactured the Coupe GT from 1981-1987. This was a fine car, with good handling and performance. chanel replica handbags It was exported around the world. In late 1984, they launched the Coupe quattro, this was essentially an Audi 90quattro chassis, floorpan and drivetrain, and a Coupe bodyshell top. chanel replica sale However, it was never exported to North America, they got the Audi 4000q instead.

It IS possible to convert a GT to quattro. chanel replica But here is what you would need to aquire to do the conversion (By the way, it assumes that you are starting with the 2226cc engine, and have 4x108 wheel stud spacing) :-

Front Anti-rollbar
Front Anti-rollbar drop links
Front subframe
Brake proportioning valve and mounting bracket
Exhaust Manifold
Exhaust downpipe
US code Gearbox
Gearshifter mechanism
Gearshifter boot, lever and knob
Clutch assembly
Propeller shaft assembly
Front driveshafts
Front-to-rear brake line
E-brake / Handbrake lever and boot
Center exhaust box
Rear exhaust box
Underbody heatshields
Rear subframe
Rear Differential assembly
Rear driveshafts
Rear calipers
Rear disks
Rear Strut assemblies
E-brake / handbrake cables
Brakeline T piece
Rear brake hoses
Rear screen (quattro script in heater element)
Rear side windows (quattro decals)
Gas / Petrol tank
Trunk / Boot carpets
Cabin carpets, front and rear
Fuel accumulator
Fuel pump and fuel pipe protection covers

Now you also need the lower front bulkhead assembly from a 4000q. The ENTIRE floorpan from the 4000q. You also need the trunk floor from a 4000q. chanel replica Plus the rear inner wheel arches with the correct upper strut mount locations. From a 4000q.

AND you need a Coupe GT car as well....

Ok. So once you have all the parts, you're also going to need access to a frame rebuilding jig, as half the bodyshell has to be cut out. 
Strip pretty much everything off the GT. Cut out the lower front bulkhead, the floor pan, and the trunk floor. And the rear inner wheel arches.
Weld in all the replacement parts. Repaint, and then all you have to do is to re-assemble the entire car............. 

Have a look here to see just how far you have to go with it to do the conversion

Now do you see why it's a stupid idea?

(By the way, please email me with any additions / corrections to this page)

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1986 Coupe Quattro review by Autocar 1 January 1986

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