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Suspension struts

It was fairly obvious as soon as I got the car  home that it would need some major work. A previous owner had changed the shocks and springs and lowered the car by 60mm or so. Great for "max power", but terrible to drive, especially with Cork's continous network of potholes that the local council calls "road". So the decision was taken to get 4 new shocks and springs. The rear shocks were obtained for a bargain price from ebay, and the fronts from Otto Car Spares in Cork. I eventually got a set of "standard" Boge springs for the car, although I suspect that they may be mildly lowered, but I won't know for sure until I fit them.

However, changing those means that eveything on the suspension and brakes has to come apart, so a lot of other jobs are going to get done at the same time. So full strip down, and change anything that can go wrong, derust, clean, repaint, etc. etc.. 

It helps that I bought a spare rear suspension from a guy in Warrington, I'm cleaning up the parts that he provided before dimsantling the suspension, once I finish the donor parts refurb, I'll quickly remove all the old rusty parts for use as spares, and bolt on all the new shiny bits. Theoretically.........

Here is a rusty donor strut before being cleaned up....

a dismantled rusty rear strut

The other rusty strut, with the other after derusting

One rusty, one not so.....

And after being primed with Red Oxide paint

Almost like new....

I have 4 new wheel bearings to get pressed into the struts. Once that's done, they will be painted black, and then the dampers and springs, etc. will be added to give me 4 almost new strut legs.

How bad is your strut mount? Check out number 6.....


Rear Splashguards with a case of tinworm.....

A bit of surface rust?

My "mountain" of parts that havbeen de-rusted and primed

Restored parts

Even more.....

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