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General usefull part numbers etc.

Bosal Coupe Quattro exhaust part numbers

Original Audi Mudflap Part numbers

821 VAG 821 (Rear)
821 VAG 825 (Front)

By the way, it looks like mudflaps from the same era Golf / Rabbit can be modified to suit.....

Clutch Fluid resevoir

The one that I got from Audi is just a boxed ATE part, which has 3.3508-9451.1 moulded into it.

Throttle cable Bushings

The Audi bushes which just rot away to powder (431 721 559) can be replaced by the Golf GTi part (191 723 559)

Centre Bearing and UJ on the Audi 4000q / 80q / 90q / Cq / URq

Kindly reproduced from one of Frank Kat's posts

The hanger bearing on a urq (or 4kq) is supposed to put the drive shaft around here:

However, on my 'new' urq it had sagged to look like this, and was giving kind of funny 'thumping' sounds when starting from a stop..

Time to change the hanger bearing. (That is known to be a direct replacement, using BMW part number 26-12-1-209-532.)

Now I though it may be handy to have a spare U-joint while in there, 'just in case'. A few months ago, Louis Alain & Brady had posted some of their U-joint research. I though it prudent to take a chance on ordering one..
"The correct NEAPCO u-joint part number for a type 85 propshaft u-joint is 2-0382. It cross-references to Precision u-joint part number 408 and Suzuki part numbers 27200-53830 or 27200-66810 or 27200-83820. It is from all sorts of Suzuki Vitara, Grand Vitara, XL7, etc. If the parts counter droid insists that you tell him what car it's for, the easiest one to ask for is the driveshaft u-joint on an 02-06 Suzuki XL7. It applies to 2WD and 4WD since it seems there is only one u-joint on those driveshafts, and it's at the front (right behind the transfer case or tranny) of the propshaft. The only difference is that now the grease fitting is on the end of a cap, as opposed to the Lobro, which had it in the cross."
So, I pulled the driveshaft out, and separated the two pieces. Looks like the ujoint was the original Lobro Bit:

And wouldn't you know it: moving the now free yoke around, it felt a bit notchy. Time to take apart the ujoint. Look what we find!

Yes, the left bearing was probably dried out..

The ujoint ordered against the above part number fit perfectly, and now the driveline is a lot tighter, and no more 'thumping' when starting out..

Thanks very much Louis-Alain & Brady for your research efforts!

More Prop-shaft related information for the Audi 4000q / 80q / 90q / Cq / URq

Copied from http://www.kvquattro.com/techdocs/propshaft.html

Type 85 quattro propeller shaft constant velocity joints are often expensive when sourced from Audi, or are only available as part of a larger assembly. However, the same parts are used often in a variety of models from different manufacturers. See below for compatible parts that will save money and get around parts that are no longer available (NLA) or are not available as sub-assemblies:

Löbro (OEM) CV-joint = 301142 = Ford 149 3963 = Ford 72 GG 4635 BA = Porsche 923 332 032 00

Febi Bilstein centre mount/bearing = 05196 = BMW 26 11 1 206 502 = BMW 26 12 1 104 355

Centre joint can be found by measurements as an universal item.

Disclaimer: The above information is offered in good faith. Persons using this information should verify it is relevant for their particular vehicle as manufacturers can and do substitute different parts and assemblies without notice.

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